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To those who love to see blood spilled
Whose only thought are of killing
Spreading hatred,suffering and despise
You'll join the list of ugly murderers
Of monstrous cruelty executioner
Your name alone and your acts will mark
But you'll always be the crazy one by whom
Came the bad
Nothing can be built on hatred
End the violence and atrocities
For a better life on this planet
whenever I step out I'm filled with hatred
Seeing the papers on the walls
Racist papers inciting you to become involved
In a fight against foreigners
In the name of an out of fashion ideology
End the violence and atrocities there's
Something to be done
For a better life on this planet
How can't you feel hatred
When you see the unfairness of death striking
The children of misery,the children of the war
Those who are in the hands of torturers
Tracked down by the police or the army
Who'll die for a piece of bread
For they are but poor on this Earth
or victims of insane politicians

September 2002.all right reserved